Sunnylea Pre-Primary School offers an OPEN DOOR POLICY where parents are welcome at any time.

Karen Parsons
Mrs Karen Parsons

From the Principal's Desk

Our mission is to ensure that every child is given an opportunity to grow and learn in a safe, enriching environment.

Our staff are committed to offering an education, centered around each child so that he/she may: 

  • Be reassured and feel secure
  • Become independent
  • Show respect and appreciation for others
  • Nurture an enquiring mind
  • Establish firm foundations for future learning

Sunnylea is situated
at 75 Villiers Drive, the school is
located high on a hill, overlooking
Pietermaritzburg from the leafy
suburb of Clarendon.

Since 2002 Sunnylea has been registered as a Non-Profit Organization (019-894-NPO). This means the school is exclusively funded by the parents. No additional financial support is given by the Government or from any Trust Fund.

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Sunnylea teachers situate the child in the centre of the educational responsibility. The teacher and the school must support each child.

There should be a bond between the teacher, the child, its peers and the curriculum. The teacher assists in the development of the child and accompanies, leads, supports and encourages the journey of the child towards intellectual autonomy.

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The staff at Sunnylea believe that children benefit the most when parents and staff work together in partnership to ensure quality care and learning for the children.

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It is the policy of the school to give a warm welcome to each child on their arrival.

Parents/cares and taxi drivers are requested to pass the care of their child to a specific member of staff who will ensure his/her safety, and that their attendance is recorded in the register ( this is must be done by a child’s class teacher).

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Psychomotor Education was included into the school curriculum in 2010 and every child attends weekly sessions at no extra cost.

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An excellent After – Care programme offers parents an additional after school facility. This programme is open until 5.00 everyday and runs through the school holidays (except December). The After-Care is supervised by teachers who work at the school.

Between 12.30- 1.00 the extra mural activities offered at Sunnylea are-

  1. Hip Hop on a Monday with Dance Warehouse
  2. Ballet on a Wednesday with Lisa Jennings School of Dance
  3. Experi Buddies on a Thursday with Suzie Serfontein  
  4. Swimming  Lessons on Mondays -Thursday  with Aqua Body Works

Sunnylea is an Inclusive School so the Special Needs children who need therapy can attend their therapy at school

Physiotherapist – Amy Belbin comes in on a Tuesday

Occupational therapist – Kim Mitchell comes in on a Wednesday  

Speech therapist – Kirsten Engelbrecht comes in on a Friday

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