Arrival Times

School terms coincide with those of the Government school calendar. School hours are from 08:00 am to 12:30 noon. The school is opened at 07:15am for early arrivals. Classes start promptly at 08:00 am.

Please walk in front of the parked cars behind the blue poles.

In the first couple of weeks, please bring your child personally to the classroom. We appreciate seeing you and settling your new pupil into the routine.

Those children travelling to school with taxi’s, must be delivered by the driver’s into the school property. Under no circumstances should children be left outside or over the road. PLEASE SHUT THE GATE SECURELY AFTER LEAVING AND ENTERING.

Please let us know when and why your child is absent.

Notify the school of any change in personal details ie. address, telephone numbers and email ASAP.

Those Parents who have children attending Aftercare, please ensure you collect your child before 17:00. Parents who pick up their child after 17.05 three times will be asked to remove their child from After Care.