Teaching Intentions

Sunnylea teachers situate the child in the centre of the educational responsibility. The teacher and the school must support each child

There should be a bond between the teacher, the child, its peers and the curriculum. The teacher assists in the development of the child and accompanies, leads, supports and encourages the journey of the child towards intellectual autonomy.

Sunnylea expects its teachers to be professionals who are well paid and chosen on the basis of his/her skills in building relationships.

To be highly trained in communicating with children and have an extensive knowledge of a variety teaching methods.

Sunnylea would like each child to-

  • be able to question its environment and be curious about everything.
  • enjoy giving and receiving and caring about others.
  • be happy to learn and be at school.
  • to assert itself and live without fear, doubt or guilt.
  • be respected in its vigour and energy to grow, even if he/she has not always been allowed to express itself.

The goal of education is to shape the child into a citizen who is curious of all cultures and who will be in harmony with any section of society.

Sunnylea promotes the school as a happy place where everyone learns about democracy.

Each teacher must wonder what lies inside each child : love, happiness, frustration, impossible desires, suffering or fear .

Each teacher must help each child to build its identity, to become an adult who is an enthusiastic happy human with the ability to deny emphatically the exact opposite of what someone else says.


You say it is
tiring to be around children.

You are right
You add
Because we must get down to their level
Lower yourself, lean down, bend down, make
yourselves small.

There you are wrong.

That is not what is most tiring
It’s rather the fact that we must raise
ourselves up to the height of their feelings
And stand on tip toes

So that we will not hurt their feelings.