Our mission...

Our mission is to ensure that every child is given an opportunities to grow and learn in a safe, enriching environment.

Our staff are committed to offering an education, centered around each child so that he/she may: 

  • Be reassured and feel secure
  • Become independent
  • Show respect and appreciation for others
  • Nurture an enquiring mind
  • Establish firm foundations for future learning

We strive to create an informal learning culture where each child feels valued and accepted. All children are free to take learning risks and be supported in their performance. The school makes no demands on a child’s performance but instead offers time and space for the child to develop at their own pace.

Psychomotor Education is a Non-Violent Communication Program that is also included into the learning culture. This non-directive programme uses an innovative approach to movement that allows free expression in a child’s emotional, social and motor exploration.

However, two safety rules put boundaries on this freedom.

“No one is allowed to hurt themselves or hurt another”. If this rule is not followed the child will be required to leave the play area until his/her body is in control. If a pattern of hurtful behavior continues, the child’s parents will be called into the school to discuss possible behavior modifications to be recommended.

In 2011 we became an Inclusive School with the offer of accepting two children in each class, who have diverse neurological differences.

Sunnylea decided to shift the focus of discourse about ways of thinking and learning away from the usual explanation of deficits, disorders and impairments.

Neurodiversity is a word that embraces all neurological uniqueness, all rhythms of neurodevelopment and all the forms by which children can express themselves and contribute to their world.