Arrivals & departures

It is the policy of the school to give a warm welcome to each child on their arrival.

Parents/cares and taxi drivers are requested to pass the care of their child to a specific member of staff who will ensure his/her safety, and that their attendance is recorded in the register ( this is must be done by a child’s class teacher).

The class teacher receiving the child must greet the parent, carer or taxi driver.

If the child is not to be collected by the parent/carer or taxi driver and 12.30, an agreed procedure must be followed to identify the nominated adult. No child is allowed to leave the school with an unknown adult or child.

The planned departure of the child should be anticipated and monitored by the class teacher. The class teacher must know who is at After Care, who is going to Ballet/AfterCare/Experi – buddies.

At the beginning of After Care a register must be filled in, identifying every child.

The After Care staff must be fully aware of the times a child is usually picked up and be vigilant if these arrangements have changed.